Ready to take the plunge?

Ready to take the plunge?

Are you ready to take the plunge into the Ketogenic lifestyle? Or, would you prefer to transition over the course of several weeks? It really is a personal preference about when and how you start keto. Inadvertently I had transitioned due to originally following a gluten-free diet for about 6 weeks prior to starting to eat keto. Lucky for me, I didn’t experience any keto flu-like symptoms when I fully converted to follow the keto macros.

Here are some resources to better understand the Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle:

Speaking of macros, here is a simple keto-calculator. My suggestion is to choose Sedentary Energy Expenditure and keep your Carbs at 20 g daily net carbs. For Protein, I recommend the middle ground. And as for Fat, you choose your %%. Also, I don’t recommend going too low on calorie restriction.

Now that you have your macros, you should set up a way to track them. I use My Fitness Pal and adjust macros to closely represent my daily targets.  

  • Go to GOALS. Edit- Daily Nutrition Goals
  • Set the Carbohydrate to 5%
  • Then plug in you Fat and Protein so they are close to your macro targets
  • Fat will probably be 70% or 75% and Protein will be either 30% or 25%
  • The total will need to be 100%
  • You always have the option to upgrade to a Premium membership, but I have found this to easily work

Regardless whether you are ready to take the plunge, gradually transition, or continue to research the Keto Lifestyle, the goal is to start YOUR journey to health and happiness!


Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash