The Back Story

The Back Story

Herbal Delights was started in 2003 with the goal of providing an all natural product line of quick and easy dips and mixes without the use of MSG, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring. Over the years we have attended numerous craft shows and festivals, and have expanded into a variety of local shops.

Meadow Rock Farm is our manufacturing location for Herbal Delights, LLC, and was an organic farm. Although it is no longer an active organic farm, it is now available as a vacation rental and micro event venue.

Herbal Delights, LLC and Meadow Rock Farm are our family businesses. Rhett and I, plus our four children, work together. From website building, cleaning the house, packaging products, to splitting and stacking wood, it’s a family endeavor.

Recently I celebrated my 53rd birthday. My daughter picked out a birthday card from the family, and it read; “It’s your day, Mom – your day to hear the words of love and thanks that aren’t spoken nearly enough, your day to know how very much you’re appreciated for being the wonderful mom you are . . . It’s your day Mom – to be as good to yourself as you are to everyone else – because no one deserves happiness more than you.”

Those words really spoke to me since this past year has been my transformation. I saw a photo from Nov. 2016 and realized that the time had come for “me” to be a priority. Over the course of 10 months, I’ve lost 50 pounds (no diet pills, no protein drinks or mixes, or strange supplements). I eat real food and follow a Keto Lifestyle.

Since this has been life transforming, I will be expanding our Herbal Delights line to include additional quick and low carb items that support a Ketogenic Lifestyle.  Soon nutritional information will be added to our store. You will also note that we have combined the Meadow Rock Farm and the Herbal Delights websites.

Needless to say, I am healthy, happy, and blessed with my wonderful family!