The Raising

Meadow Rock Farm was built in 1994 and served as a residence until 2007. In 2011 it became an organic farm and is now available for vacation rental and micro-event venue.

Built as a custom timber frame and made of white, red, and pin oak harvested from the Mid-Atlantic region, the house is a true timber frame. All of the beams are created with only wood joinery and secured with hardwood pegs. As a highlight of the house, the beams form expansive spaces with over 3,500 square feet of living space.

The house features a great room and dining area with a fireplace made from Maryland flagstone. Much of the wood in the house came from the trees on the property: wild cherry kitchen cabinets and library shelves, maple and ash doors, and oak trim. The kitchen includes a commercial range and a walnut bar top that is 2 inches thick and had been in storage since the Depression.

The house is filled with country antiques and family heirlooms and has six bedrooms, a third-floor loft, and commercially inspected basement area for HERBAL DELIGHTS.  The cedar exterior of the house compliments the woodland setting. There are extensive gardens which include roses, perennials, a kitchen garden, and guests are encouraged to enjoy the herbs during their stay.